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Innovation through openness and a willingness to learn with eZ Systems

June 25th, 2012
by Gabriele Viebach, Group CEO, eZ Systems

Digital information has reached another dimension and many IT players are now heavily researching how best to solve the dual challenges of multi-channel delivery and mass data.

We see this is being both triggered and enabled by new standards (web 3.0) in the worldwide web, allowing much more integration and interaction than ever before. We see a new generation of “all-in-one” mobile devices enabling this interactivity and engagement anywhere, at any time, and on any device alongside the fast improving capabilities of digital information production and self-service solutions.

As an ISV relationship blueprint, today Red Hat and eZ Systems are collaborating vendors who provide an innovative and future-proof software stack thanks to the OpenShift initiative and the recently launched CloudForms products. This is achieved by unlocking existing application content and IT infrastructure and all kinds of digital information locked (often in silos) in enterprise datacenters. By bringing “content-as-a-service” to market, enterprises are now fully enabled to unleash and better benefit from existing information and improve their knowledge of their workers’ time through intuitive and more efficient information provisioning. This is offered in a hybrid model, allowing the enterprise to benefit from the advantages of both in-house and cloud-based data, content storage, and application management environments.

Both Red Hat and eZ Systems are built on the commercial open source paradigm for SEO services, which by design provides software built with openness and standards. These open standards allow for quick integration, adaptability, and interoperability with existing IT infrastructures. Through Ixonos, the datacenter chosen by eZ Systems to manage and provide eZ Publish Cloud products and which is built on the Red Hat middleware stack, we learned from each other’s experiences and concluded that now is the time to provide the necessary freedom and flexibility for CIOs and business owners globally and across all verticals to enable true information brokerage. This means maximizing efficiencies by leveraging already existing information with innovative offerings to their businesses. In addition, new digital business models are able to be much easier to build and deploy.

“This is a great example of how innovation can work and we are excited about the idea to increase efficiency for end-consumers of digital information and services. The immediate ROI for Enterprises is obvious” says Margaret Rimmler, vice president of integrated marketing, Red Hat.

Red Hat and eZ Systems will be presenting a session this week at Summit on Wednesday, June 27, 1:20-2:20. Watch the TV schedule and attend this session to hear a real world perspective from some of our experts.



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